Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

We are a very thorough, safety orientated, we look how to prolong your appliances, save you money and keep your family safe by not cutting any corners and making sure we do full inspections of your dry exhaust Vents so that way we’re following manufacturers specs and staying within state coding guidelines.

Having any of these Dryer Problems?

• Dryer not heating?
• Clothes taking an extra cycle or two to dry?
• Burning smell when the dryer is operating?
• Blocked up vents?
• Dryer being used more than 5x a week?
• Over 2 years since you had a dryer vent cleaning?
• Never been cleaned out?


We will assess the best way to clean out the vent line upon arrival.
We will either clean it from the inside to the outside exterior vent (termination) exit cover or from the outside to the Inside.

We will also pull out the dryer from the wall and clean the vent line from the back of exterior of the dryer to the inside lint trap area of the dryer.

We Also Get the lint out of inside the dryer as to where most fires start from.
Most duct cleaning companies will not do this nor know how.

We also check for anything that may put your home at risk :
Vents not being connected correctly, replacing duct taped vents with the proper heat shield tape.
Removal and replacement of metal or plastic flex piping.

We reconnect everything and make sure there’s no air leaks and secure everything and put the appliances back into position. Check the air flow from the exterior dryer exit cover to ensure proper venting and that completes the service.